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rush hour commuter train arrived at Shinjuku station, tokyo2016.

4/22/2017 11:22:40 AM 4

woman walks in Snow, tokyo2016.

4/20/2017 2:57:16 PM 3

people hold "kumade" rake as a lucky charm on the day of "tori no ichi" festival, tokyo2016.

4/18/2017 2:22:09 PM 2

a boy walks into the station with his mom, tokyo2016.

4/17/2017 2:44:38 PM 5

a woman is on her way after work, tokyo2016.

4/13/2017 12:51:58 PM 1

people spend their time with mobile devices in rush hour commuter train, tokyo2016.

4/12/2017 1:53:28 PM 0

man stands at corner of Kabukichoin night rain, tokyo2016.

4/11/2017 3:28:19 PM 3

man walks in Kabukicho morning after the getting off the night work, tokyo2016. coincidence by TOKYO stripes, from the ZTC, zebra the city series.

4/10/2017 2:37:38 PM 1

reflection light of complex building lay on the walking man, tokyo2016.

4/7/2017 12:48:20 PM 1

business man wait for pick up car, tokyo2016.

4/6/2017 2:17:27 PM 3

a girl runs with her mom in afternoon light, tokyo2016.

4/5/2017 2:04:04 PM 5

hand sign leads the display layout of show window, tokyo2016.

4/4/2017 2:42:19 PM 1

police officer prepare the restricted area for Halloween night in Shibuya, tokyo2016.

4/3/2017 2:33:59 PM 1

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