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@daisy.wolanski is so beautiful!

4/25/2017 12:48:40 AM 7

1 , 2 or 3? @vladamua

4/24/2017 9:37:54 PM 86

me: *wakes up* me: Oh man I can't wait to go to bed that is gonna be awesome

4/24/2017 4:24:08 PM 20

when your bra & underwear match & you stand in front of the mirror like dammmmmnn who da frick is youuu

4/24/2017 1:25:29 PM 13

*arrives home* ahh good, now i can be ugly in peace

4/23/2017 10:28:16 PM 15

its funny bc people think im quiet but im just listening to everyones convos and figuring out ur weaknesses to destroy u later in life

4/22/2017 11:27:09 PM 19

Me: Wanna see pics of my dog? Person: No Me: Great! This is him playing. This is him sleeping. This is him being the CUTEST DOG EVER.

4/22/2017 12:26:48 AM 31

ya Coachella is cool but have you ever been to Target

4/21/2017 11:39:53 PM 18

Me: "I'm crazy" Him: "nah, you're just cute" *2 months later* Him: "you're crazy!!!" Me: "bitch I told you, I really did

4/21/2017 8:21:29 PM 22

i can't decide if i need an XL coffee, a hug, 8 shots of vodka, 826 chicken nuggets, 2 months of sleep, or all of the above

4/21/2017 11:10:14 AM 37

*complains about being tired* - *doesn’t sleep until 3am*

4/21/2017 12:49:56 AM 18

hope my grades celebrate 420 and get super high today

4/20/2017 11:08:19 PM 29

me at school: when i get home im gonna be productive’ me at home: good nite

4/20/2017 3:10:48 PM 22

pink, beige or black?

4/20/2017 2:30:06 AM 97

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