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TIP!!! 4 REASONS I AM HOPPING ON THE PLUSH BANDWAGON: 1) They are super cheap to pick up 2) if you grab ones that are recognizable, they almost always sell 3) if they don't sell, it's easy to lot them all together to sell as a group 4) They can make cool shelf pieces while you wait for the KA-CHING 🎵 (Lisa Simpson is chilling on my bookshelf rn) Can't make a fortune💰💰 off of these but small flips are always nice too😊

1/12/2017 7:28:27 AM 10


Cool photo ;)

I wouldn't even know where to fairly price dolls at tho w the fees n stuff, idk where to start so I know id make a little profit

@aplthegreat31 yeah like I said I don't make much on these, but they're easy to list and ship. I never spend more that $1 on any. Usually can get em for 25-75 cents. After fees and shipping I will only make 5-10 bucks.

Do you only pick up new with tags or do you buy used looking(not nasty) ones? Thx!

@thriftingdreams you can always toss it in the washing machine. That's what I do.

@thriftylegend @thriftingdreams Ya tags are always a plus, but if they're in good condition with bright colors still I will grab them too. If they're dirty I don't even bother!

I mess with your ideas g.

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