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1/11/2017 11:14:01 PM 580


ur weird as fuck LMFAOO @parthp_33

Credit goes to her beauty not the makeup she is beautiful both ways!!

Look at this @me_lisa_here_

@saraafeldman look how pretty she is



😍 love it

@kelseyflynnn OMG IK

Does anyone know what foundation she used???? 😭

She looks like her name is isabella

@ladancontreras too faced born this way πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

@reneegiroux thank you so much πŸ™ŒπŸΌ



Anyone know what brush she used to buff in her foundation??? 😭

Tbh I think she just pretty

Elle est trop belle elle a pas besoins de fond de teint et tout 😍

@tiembra same nothing really changed lmao

She doesn't need make up

anybody know the song???

Она сама ΠΏΠΎ сСбС Π½Π΅ΠΎΡ‡Π΅Π½ΡŒ

@loojustloo "that's my girl" by fifth harmony

I am in love 😍

She looks so much like Geraldine!! 😍😍 @mariaplkh

Hey guys, I would really appreciate it if u followed my account. I post singing videos a couple times a week.πŸŽ€πŸ’–

Kind of in love with her blending

"her makeup is pretty" πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’ wow you could have said she is pretty, so your implying that she is not pretty but her makup is????

Lol a pretty girl could have ugly make up. Thars why they've said pretty make up @rose_tanzadeh

I love the song... thats my girl by fifth harmony



no its notπŸ˜’

She doesnt even need foundation 😍

@chelckara sigma f80

@hannahkeon thanks so much!!

@_zm_____ how do you even get skin that flawless in the first place

Love it

Die konturiert mit dem flΓΌssigenπŸ˜‚ @makeitsn0w

So fake

Col fondotinta diventa gialla @chiara_ambrogi

@efhargyropoulou na peldaul ez a csak sokkal szebb volt elotte

What song is this?

That's my girl by fifth harmony @girlwhodreamsbig

@aditi_w_ thanks❀

@_stehcampos quantos anos pra eu fazer isso?

All these makeup videos are pretty much identical lol where's the originality?

Sie braucht garkein make up😳warum? @_minou_azizi_


Wich remix of that's my girl is this?

Ja die ist doch schon voll hΓΌbsch @sph.16

Even without she's so damn beautiful


@catarinalimaa as vezes eu tento e fico bem triste

J'aime juste la chanson des 5H ... @leaguiraut

I don't understand why she needs make up she's so pretty

Maybe her make up is pretty, but i can't tell if she is

omfg all the comments talking about how "she shouldn't have to wear makeup" or "you can't tell if she's pretty" haven't you fucking learned by now that anyone who wears makeup doesn't fucking wear it for that reason. she's most likely wearing it because she wants to and because she enjoys wearing it. ~H



She basically painter her face #peanutbutterface @madisongrifaldo

@catalinaaaaaidc melodia

@andavrinceanu NUUUUUU😭


@rachael_wx her makeup is sooo pretty

Wish I had her nose tbh @gazza58bell

@rachael_wx aye me too

Wtf how small does she want her nose to look the two contour lines are way too close

I love this πŸ˜™

@mirazeghoul it's not for control it's for the highlight

!! New drawing account here!!

her make up looks like just all the other make ups here on instagram, nothing special

@luciferlooloo she loves what she got. I love what I've got. But makeup is fun and it's a passion. It's her talent. It's her job

I aspire to reach this level of slay @lizziesinden

@babylissa.xo. yeah ik but I just don't get why someone so pretty like u to just cover there faces with it. I wasnt really trying to offend anyone in just trying to make a point that all people should feel great about themselves without putting makeup all over there faces

@__dylan__17 you didn't offend anyone I know where your coming from πŸ˜‚ and people do feel great about themselves even if they put on makeup and I know that's not everyone but a lot of girls not every girl tho knows they're beautiful with or without makeup but it's like do whatever makes you happy you know? I put on makeup for many reasons but I assure you I know I'm beautiful with and without it but thinking what you think is honestly good too and it's sweet as I said. I just wanted to get my point too you too so you can understand why some girls like wearing makeup even tho they know they are beautiful

Some of these comments really piss me off like little rant here sorry but like some y'all saying "she doesn't need makeup" or something like that like πŸ˜‘ people who love to do makeup know we don't need makeup πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ like we fucking slay with or without so you're basically just pointing out the obvious which is annoying and not needed cause we know. The more people who say it the more it gets insulting πŸ˜‚ I find it annoying and kind of rude when people say that. Idk why it's probably because I see everyone saying it like shutup we know πŸ˜‚ sorry if I offended anyone this was not meant to offend anyone just a lil rant

Ik zou dat niet kunnen man @n.inuaa_ @xhindx__ @xcathy.e @k.evaaa @s.imoneee__

@ezraa.n hode😍😭

@ezraa.n mogool is geneens moeilijk


On fleek πŸ’œ


@nayyapatel she reminds me of Like a 20 yr old version of Danica maybe a bit tanner too?

@riyaghosh_ she legit does woah






Before and After 😍

This is the kind of makeup I want @sofiikassam


@justdestinyonly I guess I need some highlighter. Also, why do they always have their eye makeup done? That's the last think I do

nanti makeup kan aku cani ah 😘 @fee.tri_denny

@sophiarnguyen I want that concealer

Nice! Looks rlly smooth! @baker.hanna

ugh😍 @georgiasprivatee


Perfect for semi @alisedavis01 😍😍

@kymerilizbeth that's actually the first thing most makeup artist do because of shadow falling on the face of messing up mascara etc I personally do them simultaneously while one thing is baking I'll start on my eye shadow etc

@justdestinyonly yeah, I do have the eye shadow problem. I have so much to learn.

What song is this

@natalie_floyd5 that's my girl, fifth harmony :))

@nottjordyyn thank you!

Die ist ohne Makeup schon hΓΌbsch @lillyymarie

tis zo mooi en natuurlijkk @r.aabb_ 😍


Ja tloe @milenalechmyc


That's my girl buy it now on iTunes

Ahahaha neey hoor ik ga stuk ahahahaha @maxi.usmany

@rasyidahramran hahaha nda tuk ku sj

Her skin is so beautiful

@chachichu_ muka dia macam you la b

@mishairdina dia lagi cantik comel

kalau kau bida tia 😝 @fee.tri_denny

@rosaacerezuela asi me voi a maqulla oi

@meganquito @kristine_jc @andrelynbernados kms

@natalie_floyd5 Thats My girl Fifth harmony (Ryan Riback Remix)


She's just beautiful 😍😍πŸ”₯



Vghean nze😍@_.yl.da._

@elifbyt diese seite meinte ich

it is dude & she used two face !! 😍 @kelly._quinn

@issa_kiya That's My Girl by Fifth Harmony, it's a remix though

@faith_hollowayy is it just me or is she goals

She was already drop dead gorgeous

Fr^ she didn't even need it

She legit didn't even need makeup at the beginning @ambermanuel_


What's all the makeup stuff called.

@ashleyvanvrede9 I'm dying 😭😭😭 wake up already


her skin was perfect before wtf😩



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